Excellent life time

The VESTO FLATTEN® 35 core is flattened/swaged and cannot resist a very high Minimal Breaking Load (MBL). Due to the swaging of its core, we have more cross-section resulting in a lower torque factor. This rope has the lowest torque factor for a non-rotating rope. It can work excellently with a single fall in deep sea operations or any high-rise hoisting activities.

Applications VESTO FLATTEN® 35

  • Tower Crane
  • Crawler Crane
  • Level Luffing Crane
  • Mobile crane
  • Deck Crane
  • Hoist Rope

Excellent wear-resistant | High breaking load

Specifications VESTO FLATTEN® 35

Type 35W x K7 / 35W x K19S
Size 8mm ~ 64mm
Number of total wires 245 / 665
Number of outer load-bearing wires 112 / 304
Rope diameter tolerance +2.0% – +4.0%
Fill factor 0.738
Spin loss factors 1960 N/mm2: 0.83 / 2160 N/mm2: 0.81
Torque factor / Elastic modulus 0.007(@20% MBL) / 119,000N/mm2 + or- 5,000N/mm2