Extended life of winch drum and sheave

The VESTO 35c is a classic, the safe bet. A non-rotating wire rope with the highest Minimal Breaking Load (MBL) in our product suite. It is not like your average 35×7, it outperforms its little brother. Perfect for all cranes where a non-rotating rope is required, such as tower cranes, mobile cranes, and deck cranes.

Applications VESTO 35C

  • Tower Crane
  • Crawler Crane
  • Level Luffing Crane
  • Deck Crane
  • Hoist Rope

Full non rotating rope | Excellent life time

Specifications VESTO 35C

Type 35W x K7 / 35W x K19S
Size 8mm ~ 64mm
Number of total wires 245 / 665
Number of outer load-bearing wires 112 / 304
Rope diameter tolerance +2.0% – +4.0%
Fill factor 0.723
Spin loss factors 1960 N/mm2: 0.83 / 2160 N/mm2: 0.81
Torque factor / Elastic modulus 0.020 / 116,000N/mm2 + or- 5,000N/mm2