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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    How often should I grease my wire rope?

    According to the ISO 4309 (2017) norms the wire rope should be greased during the life of the rope, and before it shows any signs of dryness or corrosion — particularly over those lengths which travel through sheaves and enter and exit the drum and those sections which are coincident with a compensating sheave — the rope shall be dressed from time to time, as determined by a competent person. In some cases, it may be necessary to clean the rope before applying the dressing in order for it to be effective.

    I have some corrosion on my wire rope, when should I discard it?

    Type of corrosion Condition Severity rating
    External corrosion Signs of surface oxidation, but can be wiped clean.
    Wire surface rough to touch
    Wire surface heavily pitted and slack wires
    Superficial – 0%
    High – 60%
    Discard – 100%
    Internal corrosion Obvious visible signs of internal corrosion – i.e. corrosion debris
    exuding from the valleys between the outer strands.
    Discard – 100%
    if deemed practicable by a
    competent person.
    Fretting corrosion The process of fretting involves the removal of fine particles
    of steel from the wires due to dry wires and strands constantly rubbing
    together and then oxidizing and creating internal corrosion debris, which
    manifests itself as a dry powder, similar to a red rouge.
    Evidence of such a characteristic should
    be further investigated and if there is any
    doubt about its severity the rope
    should be discarded (100%).
    Note: An increase in diameter can result from internal or fretting corrosion.

    When should I use a compacted rope?

    A compacted rope most effective in a system with a lot of rope sheeves. Due to the compacting of the rope the rope itself has more surface contact with the sheeves, which leads to less wear on your wires and sheeves. If you have any issues with wearing of your sheeves and drums you can consider a compacted wire rope. Also if a higher MBL is required a compacted rope can be useful.

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